What our customers say

From Kaye

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed the quarter of beef we purchased ... every cut has been delicious. It's been fun to have friends ask for a recipe when the only real secret to the dish is the grass-fed beef! We will definitely be purchasing a quarter again - soon since the freezer is getting bare.  

From Kelli

The berries are goooooood! Just made 8 pints of low-sugar strawberry jam. Get 'em before they are gone!! From Kelli 5/7/14

From Shirley

Thanks so much!! Just left your (strawberry) patch, rushed home to wash and cap them and now we are eating the whole bowlful!! Absolutely delicious and they practically jumped in by pail...nice and plump and so sweet!  Will be back for more to make a cobbler but could not wait this time!!! So glad you have such a wonderful patch.  5/6/14

From Jean

The strawberries are wonderful.  It is so exciting to eat berries with flavor after months of those awful CA berries with huge white core! Thanks!!!  5/6/14

From Jack

Thanks for the beef yesterday. My guests were blown away by the flavor and the fact that the meat came from down the street. 7/21/13

via Facebook

Comparing strawberries with a friend. Berries from Double R are much sweeter than berries other farms'. [sic] You won't believe how yummy these berries are.  4/25/12

From C.B.

We purchased our berries from you last year and they were Awesome!  4/14/12

From D.M.

Came upon your farm by accident last year. The very best berries ever!!!! Thank you for caring for the land.  4/7/12

From E.W.

I have heard that the strawberries might be early this year.  Would you please email or call me when yours are ready?  My daughter and I agree that yours are the best, and our mouths are watering already.  3/26/12

From B.H.

We came by the farm today and everyone was so friendly and the strawberries were beautiful and so delicious!!! My 2 year old son enjoyed picking strawberries as well. He even got to visit the goat and her baby and was aloud feed her. This is the first strawberry farm that I have been to that was so kid friendly. Thank you all so much for the hospitality and we will be back to pick more before the strawberry season is over.   5/13/11

From C&R

Thank You so much. We had a wonderful time last Saturday and have told several people about you. Hope to see you soon. We had one fo the steaks last night and it was truly better then (sic) the store bought.   5/4/11

From R.R.

Made my first trip to your farm yesterday for strawberries. They are delicious! Looking forward to enjoying veggies when available. Would love to get emails about availability.
As a farm girl myself from Eastern NC, the pictures of planting the strawberries made me think of how we planted tobacco, way back when. It was the very same process. We had really hit the newest in equipment when we got the "ride on" planter. Prior to that it was done by hand with one person making the holes and pouring in the water and another coming behind to put the plant in and cover the hole. So glad to see children learning too that hard work is worth all the effort. A lesson for everyone!  5/8/10

From J.N.

Your husband is so pleasant and the young man working for you is great too. I suspect we'll be back for more in a day or so, since I want lots of freezer jam.  5/19/10

From R.M.

Those are the best strawberries I have ever had. I can not wait to cook the steaks I purchased today. I will surely be back for some of your other items.  5/22/10

From C.A.W

The berries are delicious!  With all the rain we had this week, I was prepared for some "mushy" ones.  So, as soon as possible, I sorted the pre-picked berries, expecting to see those in the bottom of the bucket, especially, to be very soft.  Was I surprised!!  Of all the years I've had fresh berries, even those I picked myself, there were fewer "eat NOW/discard" berries! Henderson, NC, 5/27/10

From C & J.P.

We made ice cream with your berries, and it was the best ice cream I ever ate. It was amazing. Our filets were mighty tasty too. We will be back, keep up the good work. You rock.  From: C. & J. P., via email 5/27/10

From P.T.

I stopped by last Saturday and bought two Filet Mignons. Just wanted to let you know that they were absolutely Excellent !! We couldn't have been more pleased. You'll be seeing us again!!  6/14/10

From C.E.

I had to let you know how much my family enjoyed the roast you gave me.  My son had a baseball game out of town last night so I knew we would be getting home late.  It was so nice to walk in and have dinner ready and waiting.  They are sold on your beef.  They loved it and needless to say ate all of it!  They said it was the best roast they have ever had.
Thanks again.  Oxford, NC  3/16/11