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About the Family

The Roberts Family has been farming here for more than 150 years. 

Find out about the current generation.

About the Cattle

Our Angus-cross cattle are 100% Grass-fed and raised right here.

Find out how we do it.

About the Berries

Our berries have been a neighborhood favorite since 2009. 

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Ritchie Roberts Family Double R Cattle grassfed beef

About the Family

Meet Your Farmers

Ritchie and Beverly Roberts were both raised on family farms. Ritchie was on a diversified crop and livestock farm in North Carolina, and Beverly was on a dairy farm in Florida. After spending the first couple years of married life in the foothills of NC, they decided to move back to Ritchie's home farm. With the plan to raise their own family with the traditions and values which were instilled in them, they began farming. Along with their children, they now make the fourth and fifth generations to work the soil on their Northern Orange County farm.

In 2009, they started providing farm fresh products direct to the consumer. Beginning with berries and grass-fed beef, the possibilities are endless. Watch for new products as they continue on their journey. 

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About the Cattle

As part of goal to raise our family in the agriculture tradition, we want to care for the farm and leave it for generations just as our ancestors left it for us. To that end, we take a holistic approach to our farming methods and planning.

We chose to use management intensive grazing (also known as rotational grazing) as our master farm plan. By rotating the cattle to new pastures everyday or every few days, we can 

  • Rely on a natural cattle diet;
  • Reduce soil erosion;
  • Increase overall pasture fertility; and
  • Improve animal health and well-being.

The cattle destined to become Double R 100% Grass-fed Beef receive only grass, forage, and stored grass and forage. At no time do they receive grain, animal by-product feedstuffs, antibiotics, or growth promotants. If an animal is sick or injured, it is treated accordingly. If treatment requires antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals, it is removed from our retail program and sold through traditional means. 

Ready to Buy?

Our 100% Grass-fed Beef is sold by the piece or by the bovine. We offer various cuts to mix and match your own. We also offer bulk packaging. Talk to us about your needs. 

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About the Strawberries


How We Plant Strawberries

If you ever wonder how we plant strawberries on this scale, this is how it is done.

After the soil is prepared and the black plastic beds are made, we use a tractor and water-wheel planter to get the job done. Trays of strawberry plugs are stacked no the planter and off we go.


The Planter

As the planter passes over the plastic beds, the wheel punches holes in the plastic and puts a little water in each of the holes.


The People

An able-bodied helper is poised to hand-plant a plug in each hole. With two people walking behind, each plant finds a home and each hold finds a plant.

The Helpers

Our helpers are one of our greatest assets on the farm. We were lucky to find this special crew and wouldn't trade them for the world.

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